"'We Live In a Nuthouse!' Zero Mostel on Art, Politics, and America" published in Hyperallergic Weekend

Hyperallergic Weekend published my essay on an interview between Studs Terkel and Zero Mostel, in which Mostel shares his view of Jackson Pollock's drip paintings: they look like your mind when you try to make sense of the senseless idea that you can survive a nuclear bomb.  "'We Live In a Nuthouse!' Zero Mostel on Art, Politics, and America" posted 57 years after the interview, and this anniversary also coincides with the anniversary of the bomb blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  

Drawing in RISD faculty exhibition at RISD Museum

My drawing, "Untitled (Cosmic Field)," was in a faculty exhibition for the Rhode Island School of Design, at the RISD Museum, Spring 2018.  The drawing was originally made for the "Recurrence" exhibition at Union College in Schenectady, NY.  (Graphite and charcoal on paper, 54 x 78 inches.)

Gouaches and photos in "Double Vision: Artists Who Instagram"

"Double Vision: Artists Who Instagram," a group exhibition organized by Janice Caswell and Erick Johnson, was at LABspace in Hillsdale, NY, Fall 2017.  I showed two "Image and Ontology" gouaches (painted on programs from a conference by that name, at NYU's Institute of Fine Arts), along with selected Instagram photos printed for the exhibition. The other artists were: Rosaire Appel, Janice Caswell, Erick Johnson, Mary Lum, Tom Martinelli, Liz Nielsen, Chris Sauter, and Karen Schifano; an exhibition catalogue was printed.

"Abstraction in the Public Sphere" lecture online

My lecture on "Abstraction in the Public Sphere," at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts on May 4, 2017, is now video-archived online.  

Drawings in "Sites of Knowledge" at Jane Lombard Gallery

I showed several Agnes Martin Obituary Project drawings in "Sites of Knowledge," the Summer 2017 group exhibition at Jane Lombard Gallery (518 West 19th Street, NYC).  Curated by Melissa Bianca Amore and William Stover, of Re-Sited, the other artists were: Richard Artschwager, Henri Chopin, Simone Douglas, Guy Laramée, Jen Mazza, Kristin McIver, Enrico Isamu Ōyama, Michael Rakowitz, Sophie Tottie. On the closing night there was an artists' panel moderated by Artforum critic Zachary Sachs, who published a "Critic's Pick" profile of the exhibition:  <https://www.artforum.com/picks/id=69327>.

"Consideration (As an Antidote to Critique)" published

My essay, "Consideration (As an Antidote to Critique)" was published in the anthology, Beyond Critique: Contemporary Art in Theory, Practice, and Instruction (Bloomsbury Academic, 2017). I sketch out an alternative paradigm for engaging with artworks, based on curiosity rather than imperial mastery.