Small drawings of more fully dimensional off-grids.

Irregular, unpredictable fields seem more true-to-life than mathematically precise systems.

Fields of space generated by connecting the endpoints of handwritten "#" signs.

Fields of letters and punctuation, made with rubber stamps of letters and punctuation, and annotated to highlight anomalies in the patterns. (Symbols lose their meaning, grids lose their regularity; the reliability of language dissolves into a sense of vertigo...)

Three drawings were on exhibition at Hverfisgallerí in Reykjavik, Iceland, in Summer 2014. Another four drawings were on exhibition in the project room at BravinLee Programs in Spring 2015, and another three drawings were concurrently in the "Peregrinations, Constellations" exhibition at Schema Projects in Brooklyn, New York. Three drawings were reproduced in Nōd Magazine, an art and literary journal from the University of Calgary (issue #17, April/May 2014, with the special theme "Symbol").

Color samplers -- each 5 x 4 inches -- combining gold gouache with other colors of gouache, and sometimes with thread.

Outlines of the shapes of the alphabet letters, in sequence, with the lower case letters directly following the upper case (as in a type specimen book: AaBbCc...).

Collage-paintings and an installation, all made from cut-up hospital gowns. Solo exhibition at the Flanagan Gallery, Community College of Rhode Island, Lincoln, March 2011.

Medieval manuscript patterns, rendered by hand as a "carpet page" of saturated dazzle. These works were shown in the Belles Heures exhibition at Danese Gallery, November-December 2010, and in other venues as noted.